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Research and Development in Medical Education
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Prof.  Manouchehr Khoshbaten

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Prof.  Mahasti Alizadeh

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Research and Development in Medical Education (RDME)
 is an open-access journal published bi-annually featuring peer-reviewed original articles, reviews, commentaries and reports in a wide range of areas related to medical and health care professions education. 

RDME is published by  Tabriz University of Medical Sciences Education Development Center (EDC) and with collaboration  of Medical Education Research Center (MERC).


 Original Research
1. Item Analysis an Effective Tool for Assessing Exam Quality, Designing Appropriate Exam and Determining Weakness in Teaching
Ghadam Ali Talebi, Reza Ghaffari, Eyoub Eskandarzadeh, Mir Ali E. Oskouei*
Res Dev Med Edu. 2013; 2(2): 69-72. doi: 10.5681/rdme.2013.016
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 Short Communication
2. The Comparison of Community –based Education Programs in Faculties of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences
Abolghasem Amini*, Reza Ghaffari, Susan Hassanzadeh, Fariba Salek, Parisa Golanbar
Res Dev Med Edu. 2013; 2(1): 47-49. doi: 10.5681/rdme.2013.011
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 Original Research
3. The Analysis of Learning Styles and Their Relationship to Academic Achievement in Medical Students of Basic Sciences Program
Reza Ghaffari, Fariba Salek Ranjbarzadeh*, Eskandar Fathi Azar, Susan Hassanzadeh, Naser Safaei, Parisa Golanbar, Hossein Mazouchian, Elham Abbasi
Res Dev Med Edu. 2013; 2(2): 73-76. doi: 10.5681/rdme.2013.017
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 Original Research
4. Educational Needs Assessment of Family Health Providers in Tabriz Health Care Centers in 2015
Faranak Ghoreyshyzadeh, Abbas Ali Hosein Pour Feizi*, Reza Ghaffari, Ashrafalsadat Nourdadgar
Res Dev Med Edu. 2017; 6(1): 12-18. doi: 10.15171/rdme.2017.003
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 Original Research
5. Comparing the Professional Role and Tasks Approved in Curriculum with the Ongoing Role and Tasks of Midwives Employed in Tabriz Health Care Units
Ashrafalsadat Nourdadgar, Reza Ghaffari*, Mozhgan Behshid, Faranak Ghoreishizadeh, Abbas Ali Hosein Pour Feizi
Res Dev Med Edu. 2017; 6(1): 34-44. doi: 10.15171/rdme.2017.007
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6. Effectiveness of Teaching Evidence-Based Nursing to Undergraduate Nursing Students in Iran: A Systematic Review
Reza Ghaffari, Somayeh SHapoori, Maryam Baradaran Binazir*, Fariba Heidari, Mojgan Behshid
Res Dev Med Edu. 2018; 7(1): 8-13. doi: 10.15171/rdme.2018.003
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