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Submitted: 09 Jun 2012

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Pharm Sci. 2012;18(3):151-158

Islam and Addiction


Mohammadreza Sattari, Siminozar Mashayekhi, Solmaz Mashayekhi

Addiction is a kind of disease that affects all the body, brain, behavior, and personality of a person. Although narcotics have been used for a long time, we cannot determine the exact time that human was acquainted with it. Tobacco was introduced to Muslims in 17th A.D (10 centuries after creation of Islam). Although, narcotics' abuse was not so important during the time of Honorable Prophet Mohammed and innocent Imams (S), and we don't have any specific verse or narration in this regard, since Islam is a universal and eternal religion, and have completely provided all the needs of the society at all ages, and has met all the humankinds' wishes, so it has paid attention to this subject and has warned people from different sides about not using narcotics. Because of many adverse effects of drugs and smoke, and referring to some verses of Quran and some hadith, which have forbidden the malevolence we can conclude that muslims should avoid of smoking and drug abuse.

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