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Journal of Analytical Research in Clinical Medicine
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Professor Ayyoub Malek


Dr. Changiz Gholipour

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Journal of Analytical Research in Clinical Medicine (JARCM) is an open access peer-reviewed quarterly journal with a multidisciplinary scope covering mainly methodologically specific aspects of research in clinical medicine related to analytical research, i.e. case-control and cohort/follow up studies and publishes studies  related to the risk factors of diseases in the format of original articles, systematic reviews, review articles, short communications, and case series.

 Original Research
1. Persistence of cardiovascular risk factors in patients with coronary artery diseases after percutaneous coronary interventions
Fariba Heidari, Selva Shahabi, Mahasti Alizadeh, Bahram Sohrabi, Omid Abbaszadeh, Farid Karkon Shayan*
J Anal Res Clin Med. 2016; 4(1): 34-38. doi: 10.15171/jarcm.2016.006
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 Original Article
2. Comparison of nuclear P16 immunostaining in atypical and normal endocervical glands: A descriptive analytical study
Heydar Ali Esmaeili, Tala Pourlak, Behnaz Ghamari, Farid Karkon Shayan, Zohreh Sanaat, Gilda Gazi Soltani, Sepideh Fattahi*
J Anal Res Clin Med. 2018; 6(2): 66-71. doi: 10.15171/jarcm.2018.010
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 Original Article
3. Evaluation of QRS dispersion and its association withtachyarrhythmia events in patients with implantedcardiac resynchronization therapy defibrillator device
Fariborz Akbarzadeh, Babak Kazemi, Elgar Enamzadeh, Nasrin Khaky, Behnaz Ghamari, Farid Karkon Shayan*
J Anal Res Clin Med. 2018; 6(1): 43-51. doi: 10.15171/jarcm.2018.007
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 Original Article
4. Noninvasive haemodynamic monitoring and hypotension management with transesophageal duplex among mechanically-ventilated patients: An analytical study
Mohammad Reza Ghaffari, Seyyed Ali Asadi Tahaa, Behnaz Ghamari, Sepideh Karkon Shayan, Roya Feizollahi, Farid Karkon Shayan*
J Anal Res Clin Med. 2018; 6(2): 80-85. doi: 10.15171/jarcm.2018.012
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 Original Article
5. Association of systemic lupus erythematosus activity with serum levelsof sTWEAK and CD160: A cross-sectional study
Mehrzad Hajialilo, Amir Ghorbani Haghjo, Haleh Darbandi, Sepideh Karkon Shayan, Farid Karkon Shayan*
J Anal Res Clin Med. 2018; 6(3): 121-128. doi: 10.15171/jarcm.2018.019
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