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Journal of Analytical Research in Clinical Medicine
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Professor Ayyoub Malek


Dr. Changiz Gholipour

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Journal of Analytical Research in Clinical Medicine (JARCM) is an open access peer-reviewed quarterly journal with a multidisciplinary scope covering mainly methodologically specific aspects of research in clinical medicine related to analytical research, i.e. case-control and cohort/follow up studies and publishes studies  related to the risk factors of diseases in the format of original articles, systematic reviews, review articles, short communications, and case series.

 Original Research
1. A comparative study of deficit pattern in theory of mind and emotion regulation methods in evaluating patients with bipolar disorder and normal individuals 
Ali Fakhari, Khalegh Minashiri*, Abolfazl Fallahi, Mohammad Taher Panah
J Anal Res Clin Med. 2013; 1(1): 43-49. doi: 10.5681/jarcm.2013.006
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 Original Research
2. Investigation of the difference between the expression and presence of sexual symptoms and dysfunction in depressed women treated with fluoxetine
Ali Fakhari, Mostafa Farahbakhsh*, Narges Aboulghasemi fakhri, Abdolkhalegh Minashiri
J Anal Res Clin Med. 2015; 3(4): 244-249. doi: 10.15171/jarcm.2015.038
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 Original Article
3. Reliability and validity of the Farsi version of the standardized assessment of personality-abbreviated scale
Maryam Sepehri, Sara Farhang, Habibeh Barzegar, Hamidreza Shamekhi, Ali Fakhari, Saeed Dastgiri*
J Anal Res Clin Med. 2017; 5(2): 38-44. doi: 10.15171/jarcm.2017.008
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 Original Article
4. Diagnostic stability among patients readmitted with serious mental illnesses in a referral psychiatric university hospital in Tabriz, Iran,in 2016
Ali Fakhari, Hojjat Shojaee, Mostafa Farahbakhsh*, Leila R. Kalankesh, Karim Ghaleban
J Anal Res Clin Med. 2018; 6(3): 129-133. doi: 10.15171/jarcm.2018.020
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