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Research and Development in Medical Education
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Submitted: 26 Mar 2014
First published online: 18 Dec 2014

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Res Dev Med Edu. 2014;3(2):79-82 doi: 10.5681/rdme.2014.016

The Combination of Lecture-Based Education and Computer-Assisted learning (CAL) in the Preliminary Hospital Pharmacy Internship Course

Original Research

Mohammad Charkhpour, Hossein Mazouchian *

Introduction: Developments in the field of information technology has profoundly affected our educational system. The efficacy of Computer-Assisted Learning (CAL) has already been evaluated in medical education, but in this study, we examined the efficacy of CAL in combination with Lecture-Based Education.Methods: This quasi-experimental before and after study included 33 senior-year pharmacy students who had passed the preliminary hospital pharmacy internship course. Pre-test questionnaires were given to the students in order to examine their knowledge and attitudes. Then, three chemotherapy prescriptions were given to them. Pharmacology recourses also were available virtually. At the end, students were asked to answer post-test questionnaires with questions based upon knowledge and attitude.Results: The mean score of their knowledge was 3.48±2.04 of 20 before intervention and 17.82±2.31 of 20 after intervention. There was a statistically significant difference between the pre-test and post-testing scores (p<0.001). The mean attitude score of students before intervention was 42.48±15.59 (medium) and their score after intervention was 75.97±21.03 (high). There was a statistically significant difference between pre-test and post-test results (p<0.000).Conclusion: The combination of Lecture-Based Education and Computer-Assisted Learning improved senior pharmacy students’ knowledge and attitude in hospital pharmacy internship course.

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