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Submitted: 28 May 2015
Accepted: 08 Aug 2015
First published online: 30 Mar 2016

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Pharm Sci. 2016;22(1):16-21 doi: 10.15171/PS.2016.04

Variation in Chemical Composition of Essential Oil of Ferulago angulata Collected from West Parts of Iran

Research Article

Yasser Shahbazi 1 *

1 Department of Food Hygiene and Quality Control , Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Razi University, Kermanshah, Iran

Background: Knowledge of diversity and variability of different plants is a main prerequisite and the first step in extraction of main compounds of them. The objective of the current research was to investigate main chemical composition of the essential oils of Ferulago angulata (Schlecht.) Boiss aerial parts collected from western parts of Iran (Kurdestan, Kermanshah and Lorestan provinces). Methods: Identification of the essential oils was performed by analytical gas chromatograph coupled with mass spectrometer detector (GC/MS). Results: The major compounds of essential oils of the aerial parts of plants were α-pinene (25.82%), Z-β-ocimene (23.48%), bornyl acetate (9.94%), germacrene D (4.01%), myrcene (3.06%), ɣ-terpinene (3%), limonene (2.27%) and p-cymene (1.99%). Conclusions: Our findings indicate that the main components of the essential oils belong to monoterpene hydrocarbons, oxygenated monoterpenes and sesquiterpene hydrocarbons.

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