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Advanced Pharmaceutical Bulletin
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Article History
Submitted: 20 Feb 2014
Revised: 22 Apr 2014
First published online: 10 Aug 2014

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Adv Pharm Bull. 2014;4(4):375-378 doi: 10.5681/apb.2014.055
PMID:25436194        PMCID:PMC4137428

Effect of Adding Oral Calcium Dobesilate to Laser Photocoagulation on the Macular Thickness in Patients with Diabetic Macular Edema: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Original Research

Mostafa Feghhi 1, Fereydoun Farrahi 1, Mohammadreza Abbaspour 2 * , Akbar Takhtaeian 1

1 Infectious Ophthalmic Research Center, Department of Ophthalmology, Imam Khomeini Hospital, Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences, Ahvaz, Iran.
2 Nanotechnology Research Center, Department of Pharmaceutics, School of Pharmacy, Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences, Ahvaz, Iran.

Purpose: To evaluate the effect of oral calcium dobesilate (Doxium) on macular thickness in clinically significant macular edema (CSME) Methods: Overall, 71 eyes of 40 patients with non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy and clinically significant macular edema were included. All patients were received laser treatment for macular edema. Coherence optical tomography was used to determine the retinal thickness. Patients were randomized into two groups: group A received three Doxium capsule daily and group B received three placebo capsule daily for six months. Results: The mean macular thickness before and after treatment in the group A was 340 and 257 micrometers respectively (24.5% reduced), and in the group B was 336 micrometers and 263 micrometers respectively (21.5% reduced). Macular thickness significantly decreased after treatment in both groups and the reduction in group A is higher but the difference of reduction between the two groups was not statistically significant (P>0.05). Conclusion: In respect to the effect of adding oral Doxium to Laser Photocoagulation on the macular thickness in patients with diabetic macular edema, this study showed no statistically significant difference between Doxium and placebo.

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