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Advanced Pharmaceutical Bulletin
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Submitted: 17 Feb 2013
Revised: 06 Mar 2013
First published online: 20 Aug 2013

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Adv Pharm Bull. 2013;3(2):295-301 doi: 10.5681/apb.2013.048
PMID:24312851        PMCID:PMC3848229

Percutaneous Absorption of Salicylic Acid after Administration of Trolamine Salicylate Cream in Rats with Transcutol® and Eucalyptus Oil Pre-Treated Skin

Original Research

Paniz Sajjadi, Mohammad Javad Khodayar, Behzad Sharif Makhmalzadeh, Saeed Rezaee *

Purpose: This study was conducted to assess the effect of skin pre-treatment with Transcutol® and eucalyptus oil on systemic absorption of topical trolamine salicylate in rat. Methods: Pharmacokinetic parameters of salicylic acid following administration of trolamine salicylate on rat skin pre-treated with either Transcutol® or eucalyptus oil were determined using both non-compartmental and non-linear mixed effect modeling approaches and compared with those of control group. Results: Median (% of interquartile range/median) of salicylic acid AUC0-8hr (ng/mL/hr) values in Transcutol® or eucalyptus oil treated rats were 2522(139%) and 58976(141%), respectively as compared to the 3023(327%) of the control group. Skin pre-treatment with eucalyptus oil could significantly decrease extravascular volume of distribution (V/F) and elimination rate constant (k) of salicylic acid. Conclusion: Unlike Transcutol®, eucalyptus oil lead to enhanced transdermal absorption of trolamine salicylate through rat skin.

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