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Advanced Pharmaceutical Bulletin
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Submitted: 02 Jan 2015
Revised: 22 Sep 2015
Accepted: 29 Oct 2015
First published online: 30 Nov 2015

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Adv Pharm Bull. 2015;5(4):593-598 doi: 10.15171/apb.2015.080
PMID:26819934        PMCID:PMC4729337

Simultaneous Determination of Metamizole, Thiamin and Pyridoxin Using UV-Spectroscopy in Combination with Multivariate Calibration

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Chusnul Chotimah 1, 2, Sudjadi Sudjadi 1, Sugeng Riyanto 1, Abdul Rohman 1 *

1 Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta 55281, Indonesia.
2 The National Agency of Drug and Food Control, district of Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Purpose: Analysis of drugs in multicomponent system officially is carried out using chromatographic technique, however, this technique is too laborious and involving sophisticated instrument. Therefore, UV-VIS spectrophotometry coupled with multivariate calibration of partial least square (PLS) for quantitative analysis of metamizole, thiamin and pyridoxin is developed in the presence of cyanocobalamine without any separation step. Methods: The calibration and validation samples are prepared. The calibration model is prepared by developing a series of sample mixture consisting these drugs in certain proportion. Cross validation of calibration sample using leave one out technique is used to identify the smaller set of components that provide the greatest predictive ability. The evaluation of calibration model was based on the coefficient of determination (R2) and root mean square error of calibration (RMSEC). Results: The results showed that the coefficient of determination (R2) for the relationship between actual values and predicted values for all studied drugs was higher than 0.99 indicating good accuracy. The RMSEC values obtained were relatively low, indicating good precision. The accuracy and presision results of developed method showed no significant difference compared to those obtained by official method of HPLC. Conclusion: The developed method (UV-VIS spectrophotometry in combination with PLS) was succesfully used for analysis of metamizole, thiamin and pyridoxin in tablet dosage form.

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